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SR723 series sliprings are designed to incorporate Princetel's MJn series and RJ2 series FORJs. This integrated device can be easily separated in the field for repair or maintenance. The picture on the left shows a 6-ring version with a singlemode 3-channel (MJ3) FORJ. Up to 40 rings can be accommodated in the design.

This rugged slip ring promises low maintenance and a very long life cycle (~30-100 million revolutions!). It is sealed from dust and occasional water splash, suitable for airborne applications such as aerostats (balloons or blimps). All electrical wires and fiber cables are terminated with standard connectors. A weatherproof utility box is attached to the rotor for convenient access to fiber connectors.
Ring material
Coin silver
Brush material
Silver graphite
Spring material
Beryllium copper
Housing material
Stainless steel
Operating voltage
2,000 V(RMS)
Operating current
14 Amp/ring
Noise level
<5 uV
Leakage resistance
>10 G Ohms
Wire gauge
14 AWG, 0.5 m (standard)
Connector type
ST/rotor, FC/stator
Rotation speed
100 rpm
IP rating
IP 65
Working temperature
-40 to 65 C
Storage temperature
-50 to 85 C
120 mm (body) x 431 mm (varies with number of rings)
~14 kg

SR723-n (n=number of rings in two digits minimum: 06=6 rings)