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384 Series
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Electrical Slip Rings
Fiber Optic Slip Rings
Fiber Optic Rotary Joints



Subconn Connectors

Available with 2 to 8 rings

Mounting configuration:
4 inch driver with 4 holes equally spaced,
.25 diameter on 3.562 B.C.
Ring Material
Coin Silver Tubing
Brush contact Material
Silver -Graphite
Spring Material
Beryllium Copper
Housing Material
300 Series Stainless Steel
Operating Volatge
300 V Continuous each ring
Operating Current
5 Amps Continuous each ring
Noise Leverl
Leakage Resistance
>10 G Ohms
Wire Awg
22 Awg 600V, Teflon Insulation
Rotational Speed
250 RPM
IP Rating
IP 67
Body Diameter
2.37 In [60.2mm Max]