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102 SERIES for Oceanographic Winches
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Electrical Slip Rings
Fiber Optic Slip Rings
Fiber Optic Rotary Joints



7.50 Diameter Mounting Flange with 6 holes, equally spaced, .40 diameter on 6.750 B.C.
10 to 80 rings
Splash Proof
5-20 Amp Current (can be increased by paralleling rings)
Voltage rating: 1KV to 5KV, 6 Ft long standard wire length (optional longer wire lenghts)
Stainless Steel Encasement
Ring Material
Coin Silver Tubing
Brush Material
Spring Material
Beryllium Copper
Housing Material
300 Series Stainless Steel
Operating Voltage
1KV Continuous Each Ring
3 KV and 5KV
Operating Current
10 Amps Continuous Each Ring
20 Amps
Noise Level
<5 uV
Leakage Resistance
> 10 G Ohms
Wire Awg
18 Awg with Teflon Jacket
14, 12 awg, Coax, twisted shielded pair.
Lead Length
6 Foot Long, Both Ends
longer Leads
Rotational Speed
100 RPM
200 RPM
IP Rating
IP 65
Working Temperature
-40 to 85 Deg C
Storage Temperature
-50 to 85 C
Housing Diameter
5.5 Inches
Mounting Flange Diameter
7.50 Inches with 6 Holes, .40 Diameter on 6.500 B.C.