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347-36 Fiber Optic Slip Ring
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Electrical Slip Rings
Fiber Optic Slip Rings
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Sutable for Shipdeck Applications

Mounting configuration: 4.00 Inch Diameter Mounting Flange with Four .26 Diameter holes on 3.437 B.C, interchangeable with some of our competitors. Single channel single mode Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Model RPT-131-28-020. Electrical circuits: Three TSP, one Quad, two 20 awg drain wires, ten 24 awg wires and ten 20 Awg wires. 6 ft long leads on both ends.
Ring Material
Coin Silver Tubing
Brush Material
Brush Spring Material
Beryllium Copper
Housing Materail
300 Series Stainless Steel
Operating Voltage
600 Volts
1000 Volts
Operating Current
5 Amps
10 Amps
Noise Level
Leakage Resistance
>10G Ohms
Wire AWG
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