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The dual-pass Fiberoptic Rotary Joint (FORJ) connects two independent fiber channels simultaneously. It allows uninterrupted transmission of optical signals while rotating along the common mechanical axis. Both channels can accomodate either singlemode or multimode fibers. It is also possible to combine the two types of fibers in one device. Princetel's unique design has raised the standard for size and performance of two-channel FORJs.
850, 1310, or 1550 nm
Insertion loss
<4 dB/channel 1, <6 dB/channel 2
Insertion loss WOW
<+/-1 dB/channel 1, <+/-1.5 dB/channel 2
Return loss (typical forSM)
25/50 dB (Channel 1/2)
>50 dB (MM), ~30 dB (SM), >50 dB (SM&MM mix)
Maximum speed
100 rpm
Pulling strength
10 N (900 um jacket)
Optical power handling
23 dBm
Working temperature
0 to 65 C
Storage temperature
-20 to 85 C
Package style
Pigtails on both ends
Housing material
Stainless steel
Fiber types
SM or MM w/3 mm cable (Kevlar reinforced)
Connector types
FC, SC, ST, SMA, LC, or /APCs
20 mm dia. x 65 mm length
100 g
IP rating
IP 65