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The MJP series FORJs are designed to accept custom fiber choices, primarily fibers with cladding diameter larger than 125 um. The device is free of index-matching fluid and therefore is ideal for vacuum and high-power applications.

Please call us to discuss your specific applications.
1310, 1550 nm, or both
Insertion loss
<2 dB (typical: <1 dB)
Insertion loss ripple
<+/-0.5 dB
Return loss (SM)
>50 dB (typical: >55 dB)
Maximum speed
3,000 rpm
Pressure compensation
No (Consider our RPT series FORJs)
Pulling strength
10 N (900 um buffer)
Optical power handling
>23 dBm
Working temperature
0 to 65 C
Storage temperature
-20 to 85 C
Package style
Pigtail on both ends
Housing material
Stainless steel
Fiber types
Singlemode or multimode
Connector types
FC, SC, ST, SMA, LC or /APCs
17 mm dia. x 37 mm length
~50 g