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Miniature Fiber Rotary Joint (MJX series)
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MJX series Fiberoptic Rotary Joints (FORJs) are extremely compact. So small they can even be used in the middle of fluid flows. They are the world's smallest and lightest. They feature very low insertion loss and impressive return loss performance. Model MJXA guarantees return loss as high as 50 dB.

The standard packages are dust and water tight for harsh environment applications. They are designed to tolerate both occasional water splash and shallow water (or oil) immersion. These rugged devices can operate under arctic temperature environment (See insertion loss temperature cycling plot on the left).
Wavelength range
650-1650 nm
Insertion loss
<2 dB (typical: <0.5 dB)
Insertion loss ripple
<+/-0.25 dB (typical: +/-0.15 dB)
Return loss
>40 dB (typical: 45 dB, 23 C), >50 dB (Model MJXA)
Maximum speed
2,000 rpm
Pressure compensation
No (Consider our RPTPC series FORJs)
Pulling strength
10 N (900 um buffer)
Optical power handling
23 dBm
Working temperature
-40 to 65 C
Storage temperature
-50 to 85 C
Package style
Pigtails on both ends
Housing material
Stainless steel
Fiber types
Singlemode or multimode with 3 mm jacket (Kevlar/PVC)
Connector types
FC, SC, ST, SMA, or LC (APC finishes also available)
6.8 mm dia. x 28 mm length
10 g
IP rating
IP 68 for both models