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Fiber Optic Rotary Adapter (RFCX series)
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RFCX series Fiber optic rotary adapters (FORAs) are unique since they have the identical cross sections and mounting features as their standard adapter counterparts, sometimes also called bulkheads or mating sleeves. FORAs allow the fiber to rotate freely while maintaining uninterrupted transmission of optical signal. Princetel's FORAs can be pop-in replacement of FC bulkheads.

Princetel's design team transplanted the proprietary technology used in the MJX series FORJs to created these miniature rotary adapters. They are very rugged, sealed for dust and moisture, and can operate under temperature extremes (See insertion loss temperature cycling plot on the left). RFCX series FORAs feature low insertion loss and reputable return loss performance. Call for extremely high return loss specs.
Wavelength range
650-1650 nm
Insertion loss
<2 dB
Insertion loss ripple
<0.5 dB (typical: 0.3 dB)
Return loss (SM)
>30 dB (typical: 40 dB)
Maximum speed
2,000 rpm
Optical power handling
23 dBm
Working temperature
-40 to 65 C
Storage temperature
-50 to 85 C
Package style
FC receptacle (call for FC/APC options)
Housing material
Stainless steel
Fiber types
Singlemode or multimode
Connector format
Mounting method
Flange identical to FC bulkhead
19 g
IP rating
IP 68