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The Company was established in 1982 in Cedar Park , Texas .

In 1992, the company opened its facility in Austin, Texas under the name of Alpha Instruments involved in the support of the slip ring industry.

It incorporated in 2005 and moved to its present location.

Our designers have been involved in all aspects of Slip Ring design and manufacturing for over 20 years.

Our vast experience in slip ring design permits us to offer, compact, very rugged, long life slip ring assemblies, taking full advantage of state of the art technology, materials, and processes.

What you can expect doing business with Alpha, is get excellent products, fair prices, and superb customer support.

Our Employees understand that Quality, Superior Products and support = Customer Satisfaction, which in turn = Success.

We are fully aware that this can only be achieved by giving our employees the credit and respect they deserve, making their work environment pleasant and relaxed, reminding them often that without their hard work and valuable effort, success cannot be accomplished.


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